Open Source B**b Project

Open Source Boob Project

NEWS FLASH: Some women don't like random guys to walk up and grope them. Some women don't even like it when random guys walk up and ask if they can grope them. And some women don't even appreciate being offered the special opportunity to wear a button which tells the random guys that no, they shouldn't walk up and ask.

Well, apparently it's a news flash to some people.

My immediate reaction when I heard about this was that it was a joke. Then that it was, perhaps, an April Fools joke that people took too seriously. Then total bogglement that these guys were, in fact, completely serious.

(<sarcasm> Of course it isn't objectification to try to make it easy for random guys to touch random women's breasts (specifically the breasts) without all that awkward getting-to-know-the-person stuff... sure. Actually, it's empowering for those women who aren't confident that their breasts are good enough for random guys to touch, yeah...</sarcasm>

(Also, there are times and places where groping people is appropriate. Public spaces at most SF conventions aren't among them.)

And unfortunately (?), my next reaction was a very different interpretation of "Open Source Boob Project". "Open Source" is all about do-it-yourself, right?

The Open Source Boob Project: Not just a bad idea.

More pictures here.

Another plush toy based on the Linux penguin “Tux”.

The toy was modified slightly from the original pattern (at The Huge Tracts of Land are approximately spherical, less a slice with about half the diameter of the sphere. Yes, it's ludicrous; it's supposed to be ludicrous. (The toy tends to fall over forwards. I expected this problem before I made the thing.) The "pasties" are removable, with thin steel sheeting on their backs attracted to small rare-earth magnets embedded in the toy.

For the sake of open-sourceness, here are the new pattern part (use 4 per boob) and how the original "bib" is modified with a cutout:

There was probably also some unconscious inspiration from the artwork of Phillip M. Jackson. I enjoyed that cartoon when he first posted it, and rediscovered it while I was looking for "models" for this project.

You may assume that this version of Tux is female, if you prefer. After all, since penguins aren't mammals anyway... To quote Tom Smith's comments about his song Callisto, this "reveals a good deal less about my sexual tastes than you might think."

See also: Barrayaran Emperor Penguin, Centauri Emperor Penguin, Bert Worcester, Pi Cop, Tuxbert, Txulhu, Broomball Wizard.

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