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“The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father. This is entirely wonderful; after all, where would we be without fathers and mothers, what? The problem is that the Corps is also a horde of ghastly Aunts.”

The Pi Cops are the elite —  the penguins with the strongest powers. Officially, their role is to enforce the laws and to make sure that the other penguins toe the line. (Or flipper the line. Whatever.) But unofficially, there have been persistent rumours of Black Projects... not to mention Black-and-White Projects...

Another plush toy based on the Linux penguin “Tux”. This one is also based on the Babylon 5 Psi Cop character Al Bester (who was, in turn, named after science fiction author Alfred Bester).  The toy’s name also puns on P.G. Wodehouse’s character Bertie Wooster, and alludes to Worcester, Massachusetts, home of the Concertino filk convention.

The toy was modified only slightly from the original pattern (at The “tummy” is black (a different-textured fabric from the rest of the body) instead of white.  A small rare-earth magnet inside the chest clings to a small steel plate on the back of the etched-brass badge.  The “tattoo” on the arm was machine-stitched.  The toy, like the B5 Psi Cop character, has a bad left “hand”, though this is ordinarily hidden by his gloves.

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