Thornhill Radio Amateurs' Club  Summer Greetings To All TRAC Members:

Here is a listing or reminder of the summer events that will keep our Club active until the fall session begins

Field Day: Field Day - 2004 gets underway on Friday afternoon June 25th at Heber Down Conservation Area by setting-up the equipment ready for the official Field Day activities on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th. Come on out and join the fun. Don't forget to bring your own grub, and plenty of mosquito repellant and of course sun-screen. Heber Down is the same location where we have held Field Day for the past two years.

Canada Day Activities: For the first time in a number of years, TRAC is celebrating Canada Day along with the folks from the Town of Richmond Hill and surrounding area. There will be lots of activities to entertain the family so bring them along too. This activity is organized by Michael Farrar VE3WMF and Matt Newman VA3MGN. We will be setting up our radio gear at the Boynton House on Richmond Green (north-west corner of Leslie Street & Elgin Mills). The Boynton House is the original farm house on a huge property know as Richmond Green. Lots of shade and big trees to string our antennas. The idea behind the event is to bring Amateur Radio to the public's attention and entice young and old alike to experience Amateur Radio in action. So come on out on July 1st, celebrate the day, do a little operating and chat up Amateur Radio. We'll be setting up the transceivers commencing about 09:00 AM., gates open to the public a little later.

The Great Train Event: Mark September 26th, 2004 on your calendar. Dave Craig - VA3DCY, has organized a train run from Uxbridge to Stouffville (its a regular tourist thing) we will set up our radio gear and operate as a "train mobile" on HF and VHF/UHF. We anticipate a number of runs up and down the track in the course of the day. TRAC will advertise this event on RAC web-site and we'll seek ads in QST and CQ. So plan to be there, it will be a hoot, bring the family and enjoy the train ride. Be sure to check into the TRAC Net at 21:00 hrs., Monday evenings on VE3TTY for updates.      73.

              This TRAC News Letter Compiled on behalf of the Club by Jack Kirkby VE3CWB, June 17, 2004