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TRAC's I.R.L.P. Node
  VE3IRL Node #2160
Posted: 2003/11/05

      TRACs' new IRLP node VE3IRL is up and running as of today (Dec 5, 2001). Access is provided by a link radio from our UHF repeater VE3UHR and is currently open to everyone.

Comprehensive information on operating procedures, node list, reflectors, node status etc. is available on the IRLP website. Also.. VE3IRL HELP

Note: When dialing up a node, the node number must be preceeded by the # key in order to pass the tones through the link radio.

If you can hear the normal UHR courtesy tone then the link is off. A muted tone (the link courtesy tone) indicates the VE3IRL node and the world is accessible to you.    ---- 


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