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Ham Links
Other Links
  Amateur RDF
Build a Time-Difference-Of-Arrival unit- WB2HOL
Build an Offset Attenuator
T-Hunting Antennas

  Amateur Radio Associations
Radio Amateurs Canada
Radio Amateur du Québec inc.
American Radio Relay League
  Amateur Radio Clubs
York Region ARC
Toronto FM Communications Society
Peel ARC
Oakville ARC
Easy Active Antenna - For SWL DXing
J-Pole - 5/8 Wave 2m Co-Linear Outside PVC
J-Pole - Copper 1/2 Wave 2m Co-Linear
J-Pole - 1/2 Wave 2m Co-Linear for Emergency Use
Corner Reflector Antenna
Corner Reflectors Revisited
Grasswire antenna - K3MT
NHP 19 - Invisible (almost) Antennas
Wire antennas and Directional beams.
All-Band Use of Horizontal-Plane Loops
Loop - Mobile 2m 144 MHz SSB/CW
Magnetic Loop Antenna.
Loop Antenna
AM Antennas
DDRR- for 2m
Huge List of Antenna Links - AC6V
APRS: Automatic Position Reporting System
APRS: Getting Started
The Canadian APRS Network
Canadian APRS Support System-The site

 Balloons (Gas-filled Antenna Support Structures)
KAYSAM Meteorological Balloons
Weather Balloon Launch
Altitude determination from aerial photographs
AMSAT & High Altitude Balloons
UMARS High Altitude Balloon Experiment

The Art & Skill of Radio-Telegraphy
Guide To Morse Code Pages - By: AC6V
CW hints and kinks

  Digital Modes
The Unofficial HamComm Homepage - K7SZL
A Hamcom Schematic / Parts List
Packet Radio Networking
Tucson Amateur Packet Radio Corp.

  Electronics /Homebrew
Jughead's electronics pages - Loaded with links
The LED Faq
Harry's Homebrew Homepage - SM0VPO / G4VVJ
Semicondictor markings

The Tech Bench Elmer
The Electronics Elmer- Electronics basics
APRS Elmers List

 Equipment Suppliers
Radio World
Durham Radio
Kiwa Electronics
Grove Enterprises
Aurora DX Supply-DX Antenna kits
Online Manuals - Radio Shack Products
Princess Auto
Sayal Electronics
Surplus Traders
Toronto Surplus and Scientific

The I.R.L.P. Site

VE3OXX - Marick Enterprises
VA3LDX - International Military Music Society
VA3NDO - Richard Blackmans' Homebrew Page

  Public Service
A.R.E.S. - Operations Manual- By: VE3POJ
Wx ListServers - By: VE3POJ
Check-Ins for Emergency Response - By: VE3POJ
Emergency Communications (1) - ARRL Paper
Using Ham Radio in Emergencies (2) - ARRL Paper
Communication Concepts & Guidelines
ARES Ottawa County - APRS
RAC Field Organization - Index of Services
London/Middlesex ARES Emergency Communications Plan
London/Middlesex ARES Information

  QRP Stuff
Homebrew QRP is GUD 4 U - KC6WDK
Homebrew QRP circuits - 4S7NR
QRP Articles & Archives - WD8RIF

  Satellite Tracking
J-Pass - You need a JAVA-Enabled browser
J-Track Satellite Tracking - You also need Java to run this!
Where is the Mir Space Station? - While it's still in orbit.

  Renewable Energy
Solar Powered Radio Station
Solar Battery Chargers - ICP Global
Solar Power Generator
Solar Panel Charge Controller circuit
Solar panels, solar battery chargers,solar radios and other solar products
The Battery F.A.Q.
Home Power magazine: Downloads - Page 1
Home Power magazine: Downloads - Page 2

Western New York Southern Ontario Repeater Council
Repeater Operating Procedures - As suggested by RAC

  Rules, Regs, Callbook and an Exam
Online Practice Exam - American
Industry Canada - Spectrum Management - Main Page
Industry Canada - Spectrum Management - Amateur Radio
Amateur Radio Service Centre
Canadian Amateur Radio Callsign Database

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Radio Amateurs Canada

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