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Club Meetings
The Thornhill Radio Amateurs' Club holds it's meetings on the third Wednesday of each month (except July and August). 

7:30 pm [Chit-Chat], 8:00 pm [Meeting Proper] to 10:00 pm 

Garnet Williams Community Centre,
 Clark Ave. West,
Room #3 (in the basement), Thornhill, Ontario

The Garnet Williams Community Centre is located on the South side of  Clark Ave. The entrance to the parking lot is on the south side of Clark Ave. just East of Bathurst St. Enter the Building on the West side under the canopied walkway. Once inside, go down the stairs to your left into the basement and head to room #2. 

TRAC Executive 2004-2005
   Jack Kirkby VE3CWB
   Dave Craig VA3DCY
   Richard Budney VA3RSA
    Beth Mackenzie VE3XGM 
   Perry Rubin VA3PMR


Other Club Responsibilities
  Bulletin / Website Editor: John Little VE3TRL
  Website Assistant: Lance Dutchak VA3LDX
  Examiners: Perry Rubin VA3PMR
                   Matt Newman VA3MGN 
Hospitality: Ron Bromley VE3DBR
  Basic License Course: Mike Farrar VA3WMF

Basic License Course
None scheduled 


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