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The Thornhill Radio Amateurs Club (TRAC), with the cooperation of the        York-Durham Historical Railroad (YDHR), is pleased to announce:

TRAC on Track - a mini DXpedition

This is not a trip to an exotic island or a perilous perch above an active volcano, but simply a fun trip on a train, with radios.

Details: Details can be found on the TRAC on Track website.

Click on "Home" above, to access the trip information, or choose any of the other paths above for direct access.

TRAC Members
Job Jar: Do we have a job for you!!

For details on trip times, costs, driving instructions, equipment required and MORE, follow the link above "TRAC Members"




York Durham Historical Railroad
The York-Durham Historical Railroad

The railroad runs between Uxbridge and Stouffville on a previously abandoned section of CN line, north east of Toronto.

Stouffville is located in York Region, Uxbridge is located in Durham Region.

Uxbridge Station Grid Square: FN04kc Stouffville Station Grid Square: FN03ix

For the complete story, follow the links to the YDHR web site.

Radio Amateurs of Canada

Radio Amateurs of Canada

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