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Welcome to the ART OF RUSE. This is my personal web site where I pay homage to the fantastic artwork of the comic book series RUSE from Crossgen.

I've always been a huge fan of the Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Doyle and when I first discovered the RUSE series by Crossgen I was hooked. This series features great stories by Mark Waid & Scott Beatty, sharp inks by Mike Perkins and superb pencils by Butch Guice. The work of Guice and Perkins is beautifully colored by Laura Martin.

What makes RUSE rise above the normal comic book. This book was lucky to combine the talents of five individuals that were at the peak of their careers. Ruse features the intelligence and wit of two great writers in Waid and Beatty. The extraordinary pencils of Butch Guice, beautifully inked by Mike Perkins. Topping it all off, the art is colored by the ESINER award winner Laura Martin (ne DePuy)




Please note, I'm always looking to expand my collection of RUSE artwork. So if you have any pages or covers from the series that you wish to sell, please contact me at the email address below: or, you may email me if you are a fan of RUSE and just want to discuss the series.


JOHN. R. STUART  mailto:johnrstuart@hotmail.com