~  Photo Gallery I  ~

brown eyed susans

Bright yellow brown-eyed Susans compliment these white lilies in the Perennial Garden.


These pretty pink lilies can be found along side the old stone museum in the Heritage Garden.

peach lilies

Peachy trumpet like lilies in the Perennial Garden

white lilies

White and pink lilies accent the bright colours in the Perennial Garden

pink roses

Pink roses climb the arbor in the Herb Garden

Easter Lilies

A close look at the Easter lilies in the Romantic Garden


Walking over the bridge to the Annual Garden outside the museum.

sunflower with bee

This tall sunflower and its friendly visitor were taken in the Wildflower Garden.

museum flowers

The beautiful gray stone of the museum building accents these pink flowers nicely.

blue flower

Although many of the plants in the Herb Garden are edible some are just too pretty to eat.


These purple flowers really stand out against the granite walls of the Romantic Garden


These pink roses were found in the Romantic Garden.


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