Waba Cottage Museum and Gardens,

White Lake, Ontario

 Waba Cottage Museum & Heritage Garden

        The gardens at the Waba Cottage Museum were originally conceived in 1999 as part of the Millenium celebration.  These special gardens were designed to mark the millenium and at the same time celebrate White Lake's heritage.   The lush Annual Garden (above) greets visitors to the Waba Cottage Museum.  Many of the plants growing against the old stone house are reminisant of the building's original era and have thus been named the Heritage Garden.

entrance garden

        The Entrance Garden is the first garden you will see as you turn onto Museum Rd.  Its bright blooms and interesting foliage welcome and intrigue passersby.

senses garden

        Along side the Museum is the Senses Garden.  Not only is this garden a treat for your senses but it's also fully wheel chair accessible.  Each part of this garden was designed to stimulate a different sense.  Although the  plants in  this garden are beautiful to look, many also carry a wonderful fragrance - some of them even have leaves or petals soft enough to touch.   And of course the fountain in the middle carries the soothing sound of water falling.

Romantic Garden

        One of the most unique and elegant gardens at the Waba Cottage Museum is the Romantic Garden.  The romance of this garden makes it an ideal setting for weddings and photographs.   A  heart shaped flower bed sits in the center of this scene.

Panoramic of Perennial Garden

        The lush Perennial Garden sits at the entrance of both the church and old schoolhouse.  There are many different varities of lilies growing in this garden which provide bold beautiful colour year after year.

Fountain in Children's Garden

        The Children's Garden was designed to teach kids how to love and appreciate nature.  Several of the plants in this garden are edible such as cherry tomatoes, long string beans, and tall sunflowers. 

herb garden

        The Herb Garden is home to, of course, herbs.  Although many of the common herbs are represented here, you will also find several unique and different plants in this garden such as purple Bergamot and strawberry rhubarb.

wildflower garden

        The Wildflower Garden is full of flowers which, as the name says, grow wild in the White Lake area.  Many of these plants were already on site when this garden was designed.

rock garden

  Located close to road by the white lake sign sign is the brand new Rock Garden created for summer 2004!

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