The SHARK-E is finally ready!  
Full kits are available from MR-Aerodesign 
cost $86.95 Canadian. 
The SHARK-E is designed for both Electric or glow motors  
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Wings Span:  40" and 38.5" with sweep  
Wing Cord:   6.5"  
Wing Area:   260"  
Fuselage Length:  29"  
Radio 3 channels 3 x HS-55                                               
Motor : E-flite 15 power -Electric  
Motor: optional O.S. 15 LA  
Battery 3S 2100mp Lipo's  
Speed Controller Phoniex 35  


 The “SHARK-E” model is real hybrid model; many years ago “ACE” had the “GLH II” a very small foam/balsa swept wing design for a TD.049.  I literally wore the model out after a million missions on that plane.  I also though the design had a sort-of-scale look of the 1960’s “Ryan Firebee” target drone series.  So I set off on making a much larger model and had lots of fun adding the scale like jet features of the drones.  The prototype took too the air in May 2006 and each time I take her out I get the same questions, “ What kit is that?” or “Where did you buy that?”  Then I smile say with great pride “Its my own design!”  I had to change the name from “Jet Fighter Target Drone” to “SHARK-E” when the shark mouth and eyes were added.  The model just came alive and oozes character every time I take her out to fly!   

Flight Performance: 

 The SHARK-E will simply wow them at your next Electric or SMALL event.  The planes performance is amazing for its size.  The E-Flite power 15 or if you must a 2-stroke .15 slimmer puts out plenty of power to let this model gallop.  I recently was clocked on a radar gun going 187km/hr.  Launching this model is easy as throwing an overhand baseball pitch.  The SHARK-E will simply fly away level from you and will start climbing as it quickly gains airspeed.  The entire model has very clean lines and the thin airfoil and sharp leading edges penetrate well on any gale force windy day.  So flying on a calm day is just pure heaven as the model tracks like its on rails. 

 When flown in a jet like manner it’s a rush to pull up vertical doing a few roll till its just a dot- roll over and dive down and you can hear the wind rushing through the body’s cooling vents.  After doing some hot passes on a fresh lipo pack its time to go upstairs and throttle way back to cool off things and go thermal hunting.  The SHARK-E will suddenly rise in altitude as it gets into lift and then it’s a matter of zigzagging around in the same area to watch her climb upward.  Turn the motor off completely in strong lift and enjoy watching the plane cover so much of the sky.  For safety reasons I tend to limit my flight times to around 15 min to conserve enough power to do a few landing approaches if need be.  I tend to turn the motor off on the base leg of the circuit and turn on final watch her glide down with a very long and flat glide.  A tiny touch of up is needed to raise the nose on the last second before touch down to flare in. 

 The one-piece wing of the SHARK-E is a big part of its performance with a thin semi-symmetrical airfoil that produces lots of lift.  The mode uses a strong D-tube construction with 2 ply center spars.  Both top/bottom front and back wing spars are fully sheer webbed for extra strength.  I’ve yet to get any kind of flutter.  The ply wing tips have a bottom side plate that hangs down and this keeps the air under the wing, no wonder it tracks so well.  You can go into a tight horizontal 360-degree turn with out fear of losing height.  Now that’s fun.  A big part of the model performance is its clean lines so landing gear would be my last thought with this design.  Mind you if you have a rough field a glider style wheel may be needed. 

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