9x2 windows of TRIZ

Y. B. Karasik,
Thoughts Guiding Systems Corp.,
Ottawa, Canada.

The joke "there is no news in The Pravda and there is no truth in The IZVESTIA" that Michel Lecoq quoted in his letter triggered a train of associations in me. I recalled that emigrants from the USSR in the 1970s often bitterly wrote to their relatives that stayed behind: "What The PRAVDA writes is truth".

Apparently there are two looks at anything, from inside and from outside, and they do not coincide. The first joke was the product of looking at the USSR from inside. The second "joke" was the product of looking at the USSR from outside. It occurred to me that these 2 windows were missed in TRIZ. It only suggests looking at everything through 3x3 windows:

(subsystem, system, supersystem) x (past, present, future).

The above example shows that looking from inside and from outside is no less useful. I suggest adding these 2 windows to each of 9 classical windows of TRIZ:

(view from inside, view from outside) x (subsystem, system, super-system) x (past, present, future) .