Anti TRIZ-journal turns 10 (by volumes, not by years though) !
Why was it started ?

This month Anti TRIZ-journal starts its 10th volume. I wanted to write "10 years ago ..." but then realized that it was just 9 years ago. Anniversaries by volumes do not match anniversaries by years. There is some contradiction here.

But regardless, anniversaries, be they by years or by volumes, are good reasons to reflect on the past and assess achievements. To begin with, why did I start this journal ?

I got tired of the stress associated with submitting papers to journals and dealing with callous reviewers which seem to not even understand them. I noticed that this had a detrimental effect on authors (and research) and caused them to either quit or add influential "co-authors" so that papers could get published. I myself did like this out of desperation. When I came to the idea of optical algorithms and submitted several papers on them to various scientific journals and conferences almost all of them were outright rejected on the ridiculous grounds. Having despaired, I gave into the blackmail by my supervisor (which till then I resisted) and added him as a "co-author" knowing that he was well connected in the academic circles. Very soon the papers were accepted to the prestigious conferences and published. When I again started submitting papers without influential and well connected "co-authors" they were again either rejected or correspondence with reviewers continued for years before they were satisfied and permitted publication.

I was so tired of the "peer-review" process and so afraid of being rejected again that could not muster courage to start writing new papers and develop new ideas. At the same time I did not want to include "co-authors" to get the papers published easily.

To be the sole and genuine author of a great idea is the primary source of inspiration for all real scientists and inventors. The need to include "co-authors" shuts this source and thereby slows down innovation. Only people incapable of generating novel ideas, are ready (and actually eager) to share whatever mediocre thoughts they have with others. They know that their "ideas" are worth nothing and are happy when somebody buys them.

To get rid of the stress of peer-reviews (which long ago turned from the means of filtering out weak papers into the means of filtering out alien people) and in order to be able to publish whatever I want without delay I started this journal. It contributed to the freedom of expression. Congratulations and thanks to all its contributors and readers on the occasion of opening its 10th volume !