"Arizona" is still leaking oil

Y. B. Karasik,
Thoughts Guiding Systems Corp.,
Ottawa, Canada.

Recently I have been to Hawaii and visited Pearl Harbor. Looking at the remains of "Arizona" lying beneath the waves I was surprised to see the oily stains in the water above it. I initially thought that they were brought here by currents from oil spills elsewhere. But the guide explained that the oil comes out of the "Arizona" itself. It was fully loaded with oil prior to the attack and despite the ship blew up not all tanks were destroyed. Some still leak oil. But since the leak is very small it was decided to do nothing about it and not to disturb the mass grave that the wreck of "Arizona" constitutes.

There is no eternal flame where "Arizona" lies at the bottom of Pearl Harbor. But this leak is a better commemoration of the attack than any eternal flame. It looks like the wounds of the attack have still not healed to this day and as if it happened recently, which causes very emotional feelings.

Naturally unhealing wounds (according to estimates "Arizona" will continue leaking oil for another 40 years) are much more ideal solution (IFR) for commemorating tragic events than artificially created monuments. At the same time they are more impressive.