At 10:43 PM 8/19/04 -0400, Mark Barkan wrote:

Hello, Mr. Filkovsky,

Please allow me to reintroduce myself. I am the one who Dr. Karasik termed a welfare case, benefiting from the tax $$ you pay.

In this tradition? I would like to benefit even more from your generosity! Recently I was asked to edit the Journal of the Altshuller Institute for TRIZ studies. The Journal is published once a year in time for annual TRIZCON. The next issue should hit the presses at the end of January 2005.

One of the misconceptions about TRIZ, I want to dispel, is the fascination with the 40 Principles and the Contradiction Tables as the catch for all there is in TRIZ. In my search of the old Russian articles I came across an article written by Altshuller and you in 1975 -

.. , .., 1975
(G. S. Altshuller, G. L. Filkovsky, "The current state of TRIZ")

This article answers many questions dealing with TRIZ future development and sets the course for action.

I believe, it will be of great benefit for TRIZniks worldwide if you could provide a Readers Digest version of this article for the next issue of AI Journal.

Hope this request will meet your approval.

Thank you and best regards,

Mark G. Barkan, PhD
Certified TRIZ Specialist

At 01:40 PM 8/23/04 -0700, G. Filkovsky wrote:

Dear Mr. Barkan,

Coincidentally, just a few month ago I wrote a piece regarding exactly the same issue - the 40 principles, etc. - in light of the same article, in Anti TRIZ Journal Here is the piece:

It seems we agree regarding the misconception you mention.

On the other hand, I think the article should be either professionally translated, or... nothing. I wouldn't agree with a Readers Digest version. Unfortunately, I don't have time and probably skills to provide a professional translation of the entire article.

Best regards,

At 07:54 PM 8/24/04 -0400, Y. Karasik wrote:

Hi Genady,

Mark Barkan's letter is quite instructive.

For 2.5 years ATJ is trying to dispel misconceptions and fascination about TRIZ in general and 40 principles/contradiction matrix in particular. Mark Barkan reads the journal regularly (as his messages indicate). And now he declares that it is he who wants to dispel the above misconceptions. The shamelessness and impudence of the certified TRIZ specialist does not know borders, indeed.


At 07:43 PM 8/25/04 -0700, G. Filkovsky wrote:

Hi Yevgeny,

... I am surprised by the shamelessness as well and think his letter (with my response if you want) with your comment, is a good material for publication.