The Ideal Final Result for Small Planet Earth

G. L. Filkovsky, TRIZ Master,
Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles

There are a few conclusions to make from the article “TRIZ for the small planet of Earth”, by Anatoly Guin and Sergey Faer. After stripping off most of the demagogical insinuations of the article, one can learn the following:

1. The best component of a system is the one which is absent. A simpler system is more reliable.
2. Social problems have the Ideal Final Result. The problem source itself solves the problem.
3. Humankind is not that efficient in the social sphere. The inventive social solutions are important for salvation of “our small planet”.

I just don’t see what has stopped the authors from solving the problem. These three statements clearly point to the solution! Here it is:

According to the statement 3, the goal is salvation of Earth, the problem is the social one, and the problem source is humanity.

According to the statement 2, humankind itself should be the key component to the solution.

According to the statement 1, this component should be absent in the solution.

No humans – this is the solution! It is simple, efficient, and reliable. No more “complexes, chains, and knots of contradictions”. The goal gets achieved, the solution is very close to the ideal (well, some cleanup will be required) and certainly is final.