About the Answers to "The Enigmas from GENERATOR" by Nikolay Shpakovsky and Elena Novitskaya

G. L. Filkovsky,
Nomura Securities International,
New York, USA

1. See our advice to the authors in the previous issue of Anti Triz Journal.

2. The other answers are just disappointing (i.e. stupid). Alas, what else would one expect from the artificial problems made up by turning jokes upside down? (By the way, the baby in the car key story had to be so thin, it shouldn't be a surprise it ate the key. The firedrake wasn't that terrible if a dull 40 pound weight was all that needed to take off its three heads. And, the intellectual abilities of the Palanquin bearers, the magician and Dakho will better remain unmentioned.)

R E F E R E N C E S:

  1. N.Shpakovsky & E.Novitskaya, Answers to "The Enigmas From GENERATOR", The TRIZ-journal, September 2003.