The Current Status of TRIZ

G. L. Filkovsky,
Nomura Securities International,
New York, USA

The Michael Treacy's interview in "CIO Insight", most of the articles in TRIZ Journal, MATRIZ activities, and most of what I read about TRIZ today, bring one slogan to mind: The Ignorant, Greedy, Lazy TRIZniks, Unite! It is a combination of one famous slogan, and a bumper sticker I've seen recently and liked, The Ignorant, Greedy, Lazy Americans For Bush!

So called TRIZ case studies, theoretical articles and projects fall into one or more of these three categories - and nothing else. Endless retroactive interpretations, in TRIZ terms, of old and TRIZ-absolutely-unrelated technical developments... Endless artificial interpretations, in TRIZ terms, of old and TRIZ-absolutely-unrelated solutions in non-technical areas... Endless primitive, cumbersome and useless diagrams of "meaning of life", e.g. generic systems, functions, structures, evolutions... Another famous analogy comes to mind: would a thousand monkeys... pardon me, TRIZniks, given a long enough time of writing random junk, come up with something fresh and elegant?

These "researchers" ridicule themselves so successfully, they don't need our efforts. How can one ridicule ridiculous statements, such as Stalinists strungulating non-technological TRIZ, or TRIZ as a scientific discipline develops according to the laws of dialectics first put forward by Hegel: from phenomenological ways of study of technical systems to measuring procedures, or space of resources and space of functions are coordinated among themselves by pairs, which are found to be both in the state of dialectic contradiction and at the same time are mutually complementary, and so on, and so on. This is an Ideal Final Result: the objects of ridiculing ridicule themselves! There is not much work left for us. Just something like Roni's puzzle, which is not that obviously ridiculous and therefore needs our help.