A Non Technical Example on Principle 25, Self-Service

G. L. Filkovsky, TRIZ Master,
Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles

We've read about TRIZ and Software, TRIZ and Management, TRIZ and Marketing, TRIZ and Pedagogy, and more. Here is an example on TRIZ and Real Life: implementation of of the TRIZ Principle 25, Self-Service, in a real life situation. It seems that in this example the Principle 25 is a core one, although some other principles can be noticed in the combination. Quoted from the April 2005 issue of "Funny Times", p. 15:

"A United Parcel Service driver was involved in a crash on an icy road near Keene, NH, suffered a head injury, and was taken to Cheshire Medical Center, where tests were to be performed, except that the required machine for them was broken (though parts were on order). After checking the status of the order, hospital personnel discovered that the parts had been shipped and were in fact in the crashed UPS truck, and someone was dispatched to the scene of the accident to retrieve them."