Hi Genady,

Savransky replied that he is the author of the idea. Do you believe it ?



Hi Yevgeny,

No, I don't believe it. For one, Citibank is not the only one who has it. See here:

Savransky says this idea was implemented "recently". How recent the "recently" is? Discover had a program as far back as Feb. 4, 2000:
with this specific feature on Nov. 28, 2000:

Other article about it appeared on 10/11/02:
(search for "Virtual" on Google; it refers to one of the articles above, which has been UPDATED in Mar 23, 2004; that's when Citibank added this feature to its system - ?)

Savrasnky claims that Citibank implemented the solution. Here is an implementation article, from Ireland: http://www.nofusion.com/vccps/vccps.pdf .
Unfortunately, the article is not dated, but its chapter 3, "Future Considerations", makes it quite clear that it's not new.

Here is a press release of Sep. 4, 2001, about such a system in Japan, in collaboration with Ireland,
which says that the system already: "has been used by AIB (Allied Irish Bank), the largest financial institution in Ireland, for its "Transact online." The system has also been employed by MBNA, the third largest credit company in the U.S., Discover, FDC (First Date Corp), and France Telecom."

All this is found in 15 minutes Google search. Citibank seems to be quite slow!