Universal Stuff

G. L. Filkovsky, TRIZ Master,
New York, USA

The TRIZ Journal regularly publishes articles containing Universal Scheme of Things. Last year it was the world according to Takahara Toshio. This time, it is the world according to Alexey Zakharov. All these Universal Answers To All Questions do not have much to do with TRIZ, but since they refer to TRIZ in one way or another, they become The TRIZ Journal material.

Coincidentally, the "Official Fund of G.S.Altshuller" site just published one of Altshuller's letters, written in 1987, which refers to this phenomena: http://www.altshuller.ru/corr/correspondence1.asp#27. The original Russian language Altshuller used is quite strong - I'll do my best to convey the meaning.

"...We teach problem solving. Inventive problem solving. Forecast problem solving. Problem solving on imagination development. Moving from what is the strength of TRIZ, i.e. the problem solving, to a generic bull about systems, trees of goals, etc., is a defalcation, betraying the audience. They can find the bull in abundance, themselves. For example, just published, "Design. System approach" - an inch thick book... They come to us for something else. For what is not there in these books: problem solving skills using TRIZ tools, which are based on laws of technical systems development..."

Do I need to mention that I agree with the Altshuller's opinion this time?