Response to Karasik's Notes

G. L. Filkovsky, TRIZ Master,
Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles

  1. Non-documented steps. I suggest in my article that patents do not correctly represent steps of tech evolution. I don't mean to study non-documented steps, though, but rather to study the evolution as it "documented" by history, although it is much more difficult.
  2. The phrase "in actual biological evolution an organic system usually evolves from other system, which used to perform a function different from the current systemís function. This other system gets gradually modified and on some stage starts to perform the current function." It is not to say that organs freely evolve from each other, but that organs do not always hold their functions during evolution. While tracing back evolution of a creature we come to stages, when some of its organic functions did not exist. However, organs that later perform these functions did not appear from nothing, but evolved from organs, which on the earlier stages were used for different functions.
  3. Tech systems vs. bio species. I liken tech systems evolution to evolution of organs of one organism. Like with the organs, tech systems on some stages evolve from other systems, used for different functions.