Password: TRIZ

G. L. Filkovsky,
Nomura Securities International,
New York, USA

The article selection process by the TRIZ Journal is simple: anything that mentions word "TRIZ", goes. The article of Ives De Saeger, "Functional thinking in production process environment" [1], is one of those. It uses this "password" in the introduction, in the conclusion and in the referrences. Other than that, it has absolutely nothing to do with TRIZ.

The article describes another rudimentary attempt of adding some systematization to a design process, and as such is not interesting to us. Whenever it mentions TRIZ, it does it arbitrarily, misuses it, or simply puts it out of context. It's easy to see, since these places are very limited.

I. De Saeder starts with a short description of history of Altshuller and TRIZ, which is a shameless repetition of some popular lies, plus some new ones:
Altshuller was a patent officer at the Russian Navy... It's not true. Altshuller was never a patent officer and he didn't serve in Navy, Russian or otherwise. charge of educating his fellow officers how to invent. This one is new. Made up by Ives De Saeder. Not only Altshuller never was in charge of anything like that, this kind of job just never existed!
Because of the lack of theories concerning inventing... Because of the lack of knowledge concerning history...
...Altshuller developed one himself... ...De Saeder created one himself...
...resulting today in a systematic way to innovate. ...resulting in a complete nonsense.

Then, I. De Saeder goes to his topic, but touches TRIZ ones again:
TRIZ offers an interesting look at functional thinking. What is this look we'll never know, because it is nowhere explaned.
We are not defining the functionality of the end product and its components, as it is normally done in TRIZ... Whatever TRIZ is doing in this regards, I. De Saeder is going to do something else.

And now, to the conclusion:
The current models used in TRIZ are useful to apply on a process level but farther development in this area could result in revealing time contradictions:) There actually is a smiling face at the end of the text. In fact, two of them. May be, I. De Saeder is telling us that all this is just a joke? We certainly are ready to laugh at the TRIZ Journal fools.

R E F E R E N C E S:

  1. Ives De Saeger, Functional thinking in production process environment, The TRIZ-journal, June 2003.