An advise to N.Shpakovsky & E.Novitskaya

G. L. Filkovsky,
Nomura Securities International,
New York, USA

In their article [1] N.Shpakovsky & E.Novitskaya offer a number of enigmas based on real or fabulous situations and promise that the solutions and explanations will be published next month. Since authors are free to do whatever they want with the "fabulous" situations, I decided to look more closely into the only "real" situation in the article, the one called About a space pen. Why would I? Simply because, in the best tradition of TRIZ development, I suspected a pattern based on the "prior art". The pattern is, these authors are happy to spread falsifications, and the prior art is, these authors spreading a false Mercedes story - see What about Mercedes? in the last issue of Anti TRIZ-Journal.

So, the only "real" story in the article is About a space pen and the presumed answer to the "problem" is, the Russians used pencils. My advice to the authors, before they publish this "answer" and "explain" it next month, quickly come up with some other answer and explanation, because this entire story is false. The real situation was just opposite - pencil was a problem, and pen was a solution - and by re-telling this false story, and by adding a "deep" Editor's note to it, the authors already made enough fool of themselves.

Readers, who want to know more about this falsification and what happened during a real evolution, could start here:
Urban Legends Reference Pages

R E F E R E N C E S:

  1. N.Shpakovsky & E.Novitskaya, The Enigmas from GENERATOR, The TRIZ-journal, August 2003.