The Use of TRIZ by Engineers

G. L. Filkovsky, TRIZ Master,
Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles

The November issue of The TRIZ Journal provides us with a look into how engineers use TRIZ.

One case is “Improvement in Motorcycle Safety (1), Spoiler for Crash Barriers”, by Dirk Vervacke. Dirk describes the following problem: during an accident, a motorcyclist falls off the bike, slides toward the crash barrier and either hits the hard and sharp elements of the barrier or slides under it. The reader would think reading this: some kind of a buffer installed between lower parts of the barrier and the ground would protect the sliding motorcyclist. The Dirk’s solution is exactly this!

Does one really need an inventive thinking tool to come up with such idea? If no, using TRIZ is a lie. If yes, one is in the wrong profession.

The other case is “Creative design of the elliptical stepper with a pace correction function”, by Jen-Yu Liu and Meng-Hui Hsu. The problem described by these authors is: footplates on a stepping machine are immovable, which causes an inconvenience for people whose feet are positioned in a different angle. One would think: it’s not that difficult to make the footplates position adjustable to an angle of a foot stepping on it. This is exactly what the authors did!

Maybe wrapping simple engineering solutions in the fake verbiage of “TRIZ analysis” is just their way of marketing? In this sense, TRIZ certainly gets used by these engineers.