What Is TRIZ: an afterthought.

Genady Filkovsky,
Nomura Securities International,
New York, USA.

After proving to myself during the discussion with Yevgeny Karasik that TRIZ is not and should not be a science, a question came to mind, naturally: What Is TRIZ, then? The first thought was, A RELIGION! Since religion is defined not any better than science, the only way to investigate this hypothesis is to test for the critical attributes of two, i.e. TRIZ vs. religion. Religion is not a science, TRIZ is not a science - not bad for the beginning.

A religious attitude is a strong faith that one is right. Ask any devoted TRIZnik: he/she will ensure you that TRIZ IS THE RIGHT WAY.

Before arguing that TRIZ is NOT a religion TRIZniks should stop, think and then register The Church of Our TRIZ, tax-exempt!