The Phony Accomplishments of Gen3Partners

After years of pressing by the public to reveal their accomplishments, Simon Litvin, vice president of Gen3Partners, disclosed one of them. He claimed that Gen3Partners invented "White Strips" technology of teeth whitening.

Specifically, he wrote:

Being convinced that these guys are unable to invent anything worthy, I disbelieved Litvin's claim and conducted patent search on "White Strips" in US PTO database. The scoop immediately brought me US Pat. No. 5,894,017 filed in 1997 (when Gen3Partner even did not exist yet) on "White Strips". The inventors were Sagel; Paul A. (Mason, OH), Dirksing; Robert S. (Cincinnati, OH) and Rohman; Frederick J. (Maineville, OH) from The Procter & Gamble. The invention was commercialized well before Gen3Partners' inception.