Patterns of Evolution of Human Resources

Y. B. Karasik
Thought Guiding Systems Corp.,
Ottawa, Canada.

Technical systems are advanced by people. Different stages of a system's evolution require different people with different qualities. However, TRIZ never investigated the patterns of personnel qualities evolution which accompany evolution of any technical system. This article aims to bridge this gap.

To begin with, consider the S-curve pattern of technical systems evolution. Different people are involved at different portions of this curve. The “founding fathers” of any system are extremely talented and small in numbers. As system enters the stage of “recognition”, which entails its extensive growth, the less talented people take over. They come as sharks on blood and eat the “founding fathers”. The number of the system’s developers grows and the level of their talent drops. System reaches its maturity when people that are in charge are numerous and talenless (see the graphs below).

This applies to any system, not technical only. States, for example, are founded by a handful of talented people but reach their apexes under the auspices of the numerous bureaucrats. The same applies to companies and corporations. The same applies to various movements. The TRIZ movement itself attests best to it.

Look at all these talentless intriguers called TRIZ-masters !
Look at all these TRIZ bureaucrats !
Look at this infamous TRIZ-journal !
If you have eyes and brains you will see everything yourself !