On application of TechOptimizer to prunning economy

Y. B. Karasik,
Thought Guiding Systems Corp.,
Ottawa, Canada.

Alex Zakharov proposed to apply TRIZ to itself in order to forecast its own future [1]. This is the only clear thought in his opus. All the rest is vague, dull, and unreadable (as any of his articles I happened to read).

Surprisingly enough, somebody pays him for his "theories". Hence, somebody buys "products" based on them and thereby waste company's money. Is it not a dead leaf of economy that has to be trimmed ?

I also have a clear idea: apply TechOptimizer to its creators in order to trim them from economy ! All Zakharovs that create and sell useless products and services which shunt money of buyers and thereby negatively affect the economy, have to be trimmed. Enough is enough.

R E F E R E N C E:

1. A. Zakharov, "TRIZ Future Forecast", The August 2004 issue of the TRIZ-journal.