What differs gay marriage from what Jack Hipple does

Y. B. Karasik
Thought Guiding Systems Corp.,
Ottawa, Canada.

As strange as it may appear, but gay marriage is in accordance with the TRIZ laws of evolution. As system evolves, union and merger of heterogeneous objects gives way to union and merger of homogeneous ones [1].

In this regard, Jack Hipple activity is against the law. He is old-fashionably busy with marrying heterogeneous entities, namely TRIZ and something opposite to it.

The latter requires some explanation. Altshuller used to say that difference between TRIZ and the methods of psychological stimulation is as fundamental as difference between atheism and believing in God. Nevertheless, Jack Hipple is pre-occupied with marrying atheism with various kinds of religion so to say. He systematically writes and lectures on combining TRIZ with some other method incompatible with it. This time it is about combining TRIZ and Alex Osbourne "Creative Problem Solving Process" [2].

Well, it is not as unsavory as gay marriage. But it is equally dubious too.

R E F E R E N C E S:

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