Subject: Negativity
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2004 09:23:16 +0100

A Chara Y B

Reading your "comments" with interest who ever you are. Still does not make sense to me. However, the weekend is here and there are better things to be doing. I think your final line where you get personal shows your level of "thought" and which no doubt is a reflection of "your though guiding systems corp". Furthermore, is raise serious issues regarding your ability to deal with mental inertia and innovation. Or maybe you think you are being innovative by using the article as a platform for some "FREE" advertising for your "thought guiding systems corp" what ever that means. Must go now as I want to read your piece again. On second "thoughts" I will write another article on innovation with Barry Winkless.

Can I offer a small piece of advice to you start "Think Positive" and your problems with "mental inertia" "thought" and "negitivity" should ease. On reflection you would be an ideal candidate for a case study on "mapping the problem space ". In this matter do not call us-we will call you.

Mise le Meas

Dr. John Cooney

My collegue Dan has just informed that that you are an Anti TRIZ buff. Do Barry and I get a positve mention in your Anti TRIZ magazine. If so, please do forward a copy.