A brief review of May 2004 issue of TRIZ-journal

Y. B. Karasik,
Thought Guiding Systems Corp.,
Ottawa, Canada.

This month's articles of TRIZ-journal fall into three categories: delirium, nonsense, and unsubstantiated claims. The article by Charles Sorgie, for example, falls into the first category, by Michel Lecoq - into the second, and by Dov Tibi - into the third.

The latter needs an explanation. Firstly, Dov Tibi did not provide an evidence whatsoever that he solved the problems by ASIT. He just declared it without a proof.

Secondly, it seems that at least the first problem with parking permits was artificially created to "apply" an ingenious trick borrowed from another field. The trick (many static halves and only one dynamic half) originates, as far as I remember, in computer science, specifically in cryptography, and other areas. Having knowledge about this trick, it is not difficult to invent problems to which it can be applied. Dov Tibi's multiple parking permits problem is one of such artificially created problems. Moreover, being once affiliated with an Israeli university, I do not recall the situation described by Tibi. Most professors had just one car (if any at all) and used to get just one parking sticker as anybody else.