Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2006 09:06:29 -0800
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Dear Editor:

Thanks for your journal - this is an expression of the West - a structure with many feedback loops helping the truth (the child of time) to emerge.

I bought the books of the original guru ("And suddenly the inventor appeared", "40 principles" and "Innovation algorithm"). I read them and I tried to synthesize an essence of the principle like, for example, synthesizing a skeleton of the solid modeling principles for present CAD systems ("Solid Works" etc). But despite the fact that I read "And suddenly the inventor appeared" 3-4 times underlining everything, I was unable to extract the "vector calculus principles or the Mendeleyev table principle " which all of us hoped to find.

Do you know an article like something simple (for children) depicting the essence of TRIZ ?

May be this TRIZ is a formulation an exclamation sound for the wonder of the invention process or may be it is like the budhist ZEN school where it will take years to penetrate the essence ?

I agree with the assumption of the guru ( Altshuller) that the child of an illiterate Chinese family could learn to play Bach, Beethoven and Mozart and I agree that some discipline will be useful here but the process of doing inventions in an organized way is somehow elusive. May be the answer lays in the fact that in the history of positive thinking there is Norman Vincent Peale and the rest - so all the time will be a hierarchy where you see the born quarterbacks and born beautiful women and the mass.

Could TRIZ be similar to solid modeling (like "Solid Works", etc?) where you see an ordinary person doing the work of Leonardo Da Vinci? Of course, to a certain degree.

Making the story short, I'm looking for a simple presentation of the essence of this method.

Please Help

Mike Marcu,

Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2006 11:19:50 -0500
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Dear Dr.Karasik,

I wrote you before.

I was and I'm impressed by the idea of GoldFire Innovator (the name seems rather bombastic /naive however). The idea seems right. I wonder if would be good to acquire it for the company I work ?

The software costs $20000 US for 2 seats. I visualize a cell of 2 deep divers doing exploration in the past, present and future with this tool in the same way as Blackett did for Churchill for the strategy of the Atlantic War.

This is the reason I tried to understand myself the essence of TRIZ and I have the three books by Mr.Altshuller and I tried to synthesize the essence of TRIZ but, I'm ashamed to say that I was unsuccessful.

The only thing I agree is that Altshuller was like a fascinated spectator of the wonder of invention and his thoughts are rather reflections of this wonder but cannot be postulated as a dogma or as a precise manual. This is the difference between his books and the books by Ellen Domb. His texts radiate something. In the Altshuller books you feel the respect/wonder for the light of stars. His texts are like some pin holes to a larger World. But that World was and is so huge that he himself was unable to define it clearly. But he was the first to acknowledge its existence and to open the possibility to contact it.

I 'm convinced that Altshuller was an enchanted spectator of the Light of the Wonder of invention, which is so huge, so difficult to define that it is almost impossible to reduce it to a recipe. But it helps in the same way as "Solid Works" and others tools help ordinary people to do Leonardo DaVinci 3D manipulations and designs. I think TRIZ is like the budhist ZEN religion.

The question is: can we establish a permanent department or a cell or a team to do only inventions? Like Ford had on Piquette Ave at third floor in 1920 - a department of R&D with Polish and Russians doing improvements to his Tin Lizzy. Is this realistic? I was ridiculed for this by the upper echelon.

I'm myself an inventor and I did cca 50 specifications and around cca 10 basic inventions and I understand what a breakthrough is and how it is done and I firmly think that the innovation-improvement could be the new frontier of the West. Remember the times when Noyce and Kilby did their microprocessor and the West was in a stratosphere. Then this was done in Taiwan. So the access to the new stratosphere is by searching new ways to solve issues (the energy crisis, the market dillema,etc).

I'm curious what do you think about this plan ? A deep divers team or a cell to produce monthly a bulletin with past, present and future significant structures to be considered by the power incumbents. I gave this example with Churchill and Blackett. Churchill had on his desk a report from Blackett what to do to eradicate the U-boats, which was produced by a professor and not by the royal Navy. In essence he recommended a certain structure of the convoys, then boosting the Sunderland flying boat to 25 hr of flight and equipping it with 3.5 cm radar able to see the snorkel and periscope. So these aircrafts became flying platforms able to defend themselves and to detect and destroy the submarines (one Sunderland actually fought successfully against 7 Ju-88 ).

What is happening now is similar with the danger to the convoys in 1940. Now the danger is that America may succumb to China, India etc where millions of acrobats could play Bach, Beethoven and Mozart without knowing who the hell they were.

Please help with a comment.

Mike Marcu,

Date: Sun, 19 March, 2006 11:48 AM
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Dear Mr. Marcu,

I am not familiar with "GoldFire" software and cannot recommend you to buy it or not. I personally would think about buying it if its price was $50. But for the price of $20000 I even don't want to think. I am sure it does not worth this money.

Regarding TRIZ books by Altshuller, it appears that they were not properly and completely translated. I do not recommend to buy the books by other authors either.

Best regards,

Yevgeny Karasik