Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2011 16:47:48 +0100

Dear Yevgeny,

RE: 9x2 windows of TRIZ

Nice idea.

Weather was predicted from observations from the earth and the close atmosphere. It was improved once satellites were observing the atmosphere from outside the earth.

Our western religions explain that God created the world (the world is outside from him) Some oriental religions say that the creation is made by “extension” of God (world is inside).

Warning : looking from the inside in technical or scientific problems leads to anthropomorphic interpretations (human intentions) like saying that a virus or a gene intends to propagate itself. Einstein did that by putting himself in the situation of an atom, but that was just a way to help the reasoning and not an explanation of the reality. The S-Field model assumes that a substance can only be modified by a substance or a “field” This is a principle of materialism that is also the base of science. Nothing in science has “intend”.

Maybe there is some research to do with your idea (inside outside) looking the inside of a “substance” or a “system” as the inside and not as a subsystem. Let us think about.


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