Mr. Filkovsky,

I applaud you relentless efforts to uproot "fools, idiots, and just swindlers, crooks, sectarians, and charlatans" from TRIZ. In this regard, you might find it interesting to review my private correspondence with Yevgeny Karasik (see the attached file) and compare it with its edited version put out in the current issue of The Anti TRIZ-Journal.


Tim Bernhardt, a.k.a "desperate TRIZ consultant"

The attached file

Dr. Karasik,

Just a few remarks on your reaction to the new Matrix:


Tim Bernhardt

Mr. Bernhardt:

Being the editor of Anti TRIZ-journal, I receive letters from the readers, including the TRIZ consultants. You are the first to write that the business is on the rise. The others report the opposite.

May be you are right and they are wrong. That is why, I would appreciate receiving any proof. Could you please provide the list of your clients and the value of your contracts in $$ on the year to year basis ?

Anyway, our journal is open for discussions. You are welcome to write an article.

As for Alla Zusman, thank you for the information.




How much I make is between me and Uncle Sam. I didn't try to sell you (or your readers) anything, so I don't believe that I owe you any proof.

Your statement that "nobody needs the TRIZ consultants any more" told me that you had a very little knowledge of the current "TRIZ-market" (certainly, no personal exposure). I thought you might appreciate an opportunity to correct the text, while it's still "fresh off the press." I guess I was wrong.



do not worry, I am not an IRS agent. You can keep the $$ figures secret (if you have something to hide). But the list of clients you could disclose. It is not between you and U. S.

Also, I do not know what you mean by the "TRIZ market". Why do you think that you are in this market ? May be you (and your competitors) just abuse the word ? What gives you the right to think that you know TRIZ ? For your information, I have the right to ask these questions because I am an author of TRIZ.