What differs “Root Cause Finder” from other root cause analysis software

  1. All other root cause analysis (RCA) software fall into two categories:
    1. a) Automatic determination of the cause of a failure/anomaly based on the model of the object/process. It is like automatic troubleshooting (for a car, for example), when both the possible failures and the possible causes are known in advance. Such software products are applicable to specific objects or processes, which allow such a modeling. Some are more universal if allow description of the object/process model to be fed into the software as its input. Such more universal software products parse the model description and then determine the cause of the effect.

      Needless to say that all these products are not applicable to inventive problem solving because there are no comprehensive models in such situations and root cause analysis has to have elements of discovery.

    2. b) Software that automates documenting of the process of the search for root causes. Unlike in a), analysis is conducted by humans. But software provides nice tools of documenting this process: draw diagrams (trees of causes), tables, etc.

      These products, obviously, do not help in finding root causes.

  2. Root cause analysis employed while solving inventive problems requires some element of discovery (about the objects/processes, their properties, etc) in order to solve the problem. If a problem can be solved without any discovery (not scientific but about something in the object or its properties, which is not obvious in advance), then it is not an inventive problem.

    “Root Cause Finder” software is intended for such inventive root cause analysis. It is a heuristic questions driven process. Questions that drive the search are generated by proprietary heuristic algorithms.

  3. Besides being heuristic questions driven (unlike any other RCA software), “Root Cause Finder” also documents the results of analysis (see a sample screen below).
  4. And the last but not the least. Unlike any other RCA software, “Root Cause Finder” can run on any computer and any operating system provided that an internet browser works in it!