Aliens & TRIZ

Y. B. Karasik,
Thoughts Guiding Systems Corp.,
Ottawa, Canada.

Upon graduating from university in 1977 I started working at the Space Research Institute of the Azerbaijani Academy of Sciences. Once Altshuller asked me what we were doing there.

- Monitor the ripeness of crops by taking an infra-red photos of fields from space and thereby measuring the amount of water in crops, - I answered, - The riper the crop the less water in it and the less infra-red rays it absorbs. Monitor glaciers, etc.
- Propose them to switch from monitoring to controlling, - Altshuller suggested, - there is a pattern of evolution: from measuring/monitoring to controlling, - he explained.

I thought to myself that this was a nice idea but the devil was in details: how to do that ? The state of the art simply did not allow it yet.

But suppose that Altshuller was right and any passive monitoring eventually gives way to active controlling. Then observing planets and stars from Earth should also eventually give way to their controlling. Astronomy as a passive observational science should give way to an active cosmological technology that manipulates planets and stars.

Surprisingly, neither Altshuller nor any other science fiction author (to the best of my knowledge) ever came to such a radical idea. There is no science fiction story about humans manipulating stars and planets from Earth.

Likewise, there is no science fiction story where Aliens manipulate us remotely without ever visiting Earth in person or by proxy. In all sci-fi stories Aliens always come to Earth to conquer and rule it (or at least to just erect pyramids).

This is the result of elementary psychological intertia. It is in the times of the great geographical discoveries that Europeans had to come to other continents to conquer them and start controlling/ruling there. Who said that it should be the same in the case of worlds in space ?

Still there are numerous science fiction stories about aliens coming to Earth and none of aliens never coming here but nevertheless controlling us remotely from their world.

"Veni, vidi, vici" is an obsolete technology and has to be replaced by "vidi, non ivit, coepi controlare" to meet the TRIZ requirements.

The time has come to bring Aliensí behavior in line with TRIZ standards. Let them doní t come here but control us remotely.

But what if they already do ?