At 09:16 AM 7/18/04 -0400, Yevgeny Karasik wrote:

Dear Prof. Suh:

I would like to solicit your opinion about applicability of axiomatic design to designing a better economy. In economy we also have Functional Requirements (FR) in the form of the desired growth rate, unemployment rate, national debt level, etc. And we also have controlled parameters (CR), such as interest rates, tax rates, etc. Also there probably is a relationship between the two:

FR = M x CR,

where M is some matrix.

What is your opinion about the validity of such an approach ?

Best regards,

Yevgeny Karasik

At 09:39 AM 7/18/04 -0400, Nam P. Suh wrote:

I gave a lecture on this topic last month at the Korea Economic Research Institute.

Best wishes.

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