Is Darrell Mann the product of creation or evolution ?

Y. B. Karasik,
Thought Guiding Systems Corp.,
Ottawa, Canada.

Recently I read about an argument between a creationist and an evolutionist. The creationist claimed that such a complex and sophisticated thinker as Darrell Mann could not be a result of evolution. Hence, he was definitely created.

The evolutionist, conversely, claimed that evolution of such a personality is highly possible. He proposed a scheme of how Darrell Mann could have evolved from a normal Homo Sapiens. The scheme consists of 15 stages of incremental evolutionary steps.

After examining the scheme, I came to a conclusion that all its transformations happen in accord with 40 principles and Matrix 2003. Please find below the proof of this.

The proof is organized as follows. The original description of the steps is in italics. Their interpretation from TRIZ standpoint is in Times New Roman.

1) Fungus Raetani are generated by Atelectasis Preeclamsia for showcasing the Tularemia. This exists commonly in humanoids.

During this early phase of evolution, a new functional requirement, "showcasing", emerges. Homo Sapiens evolves an ability to deliver that function. No contradiction is yet present at this stage.

2)Some of the Sparganosis don't get used up but sits on Balaclava, making Homo Sapiens papilledema attractive.

Still no contradiction but function increases.

3)Small panophthalmitis develop in the panencephalitis between osteomyelitis.

Now the contradiction begins to emerge. An evolutionary "arms race" between the Proto Darrell and his critics begins. The CONTRADICTION - amount of nonsense versus the available room, strategy used by Proto Darrell: 17, another dimension. Aha ! Matrix 2003 is better than Altshuller contradiction matrix !

4)The panophthalmitis deepen. Thoughts are moved around slightly allowing them to help expel myeloid from some of them. Balls are rolling, brains are moving !

The arms race moves to another level. The Proto Darrell is trying to dodge the spears of critics by making his articles less understandable. The CONTRADICTION - distance from critics versus distance from any sense. Strategies used: 17, another dimension; 30, Thin & Flexible; 15, Dynamics. Aha ! Matrix 2003 is better !

Etc., etc., etc.

If it is laughable, then why [1] is any better ?

Why, nevertheless, Darrell Mann's article seems to be interesting ? It is because it is a mixture of his own stuff and of somebody else's. What is written by him is dubious at best. What he borrowed from somebody else is very interesting (as, for example, the story of the beetle bombardier).

Darrell Mann resorts to this trick systematically. He is a master of finding a good story. After that he builds his own article around it. He skillfully tries to not overshadow the story by his own stuff. As a result the entire article almost always makes a good impression.

This trick provides an example of a separation principle not listed in TRIZ text books. The separation takes place not in time and not in space and not between parts and the whole, etc. The separation takes place between such opposites as "his own" and "somebody else's". Darrell Mann's articles always create a contradictory impression of interesting and not interesting at the same time. The paradox is usually resolved as follows: what is his own is not interesting, but what is somebody else's in his article is always very interesting.

R E F E R E N C E:

1. Darrell Mann, "Beetles, Chains and Radar Plots", The March 2004 issue of the TRIZ-journal.