On Zlotin's Concept of Brain Directed Evolution
(Continued from "90% of all TRIZ scientists are against Darwinism")

Y. B. Karasik,
Thoughts Guiding Systems Corp.,
Ottawa, Canada.

Having claimed that Darwinism cannot explain why increase in brain's size coincides with acceleration of species' evolution [1], Zlotin proposed his own, not Darwinian, explanation. Brain allegedly weighs advantages and disadvantages of possible slight modifications, selects those where advantages outweigh disadvantages, and modifies genetic code accordingly. The bigger the brain, the faster calculations ! This is why evolution accelerates with increase in brain's size (cephalization) !

The problem with this theory is not that there is no evidence that brain does anything like that. The problem with this theory is even not that there is no evidence that brain is capable of modifying genetic code. And the problem with this theory is not in the ridiculous claim that the bigger the brain the faster calculations. (Zlotin ought to know that small PCs are faster than the huge computers of the 1950s.) The problem with this theory is that it is impossible to foresee (and thereby weigh) all possible advantages and disadvantages of any slight modification. There are always unforeseen advantages and disadvantages. That is why it is impossible to make a correct decision before trial. What if an unforeseen advantage will give a species an edge ? The brain would err then and prohibit the potentially advantageous mutation from happening and thereby would sentence the species to extinction ! Such errors would slow evolution rather than accelerate it. Darwinian random mutations are error proof in this respect since they allow ALL AND ANY modifications to happen.