From 'Wham Bam What Was That' to 'Beyond Excitement Wham Bam': a pattern of design evolution by Dr. John Cooney and Barry Winkless

Y. B. Karasik,
Thought Guiding Systems Corp.,
Ottawa, Canada.

I read article "Mapping the Innovation Space Two: Individual Solutions Drives Infinite Disruptive Innovations" by Dr. John Cooney and Barry Winkless three times. The first time I tried to skip unclear phrases and concentrate on clear ones. They turned out to be in a minority. As a result, I understood nothing.

The second time I tried to make sense of the unclear phrases. As a result I again understood nothing.

The third time I already knew that there is nothing to understand. My aim was to only present this not understandable stuff in the most understandable way. Here is the result of this effort.

This is basically all what a thorough researcher can extract from the aforementioned cacophony (or rather kaka-phony) by Dr. John Cooney and Professor Barry Winkless !