A comparison of the quality of web search engines from the standpoint of the relevance of search results to keywords used in search

Y. B. Karasik,
Thoughts Guiding Systems Corp.,
Ottawa, Canada.

Most people that read this journal come to it directly or through the references on the internet. But some people stumble upon the journal when searching on the internet using keywords. Here is a table of keywords used and articles found and read:

Keywords Search results Search engine
also known as evergreen state index.html Google
using TRIZ for making jokes GF_backward_predictions.html Bing
when to use apply or applies pentti_soderlin_re_4_critical_issues.html Bing
sex stories funny_stories_from_Altshuller_life.en.html Bing
what can be done about someone who is concealing their income main_bottleneck_of_innovation.html Bing
amarna period in ancient egypt LF_part3.html Bing
how to use ipad a_lesson_from_iPad.html Bing
wastriz why_was_triz_born_in_baku.html Bing
what does elaborate mean discussion_of_classification_of_thinking_matter.html Bing
russiansucha triznik.html Yandex
изложение о Испендияре LF_difficult_life_of_inventors2.html Yandex
родина Испендияра izobretneudach.html Yandex
discuss investment at macro level macro_to_micro_discussion.html Yandex
ilanti triz index.html Google
give me any asit for the word welcome review_july_2004.html Google
oleg-e@sympatico.ca Oleg_Scrotsky.html Google
airbus looks for triz what_has_triz_brought_to_world.html Safari

From the table it follows that Bing and Yandex lags far behind Google in the relevance of their search results.