Wanted: Condom Satisfying Standard 1.2.4

Y. B. Karasik,
Thoughts Guiding Systems Corp.,
Ottawa, Canada.

Condom is an invention that fits TRIZ schemes. Indeed, Standard 1.2.1 reads:

If interaction between two substances results in both useful (pleasant) and harmful (unwanted) phenomena, then the problem is solved by introducing the third substance between the original two.

This is what condom is for: to preserve pleasure and prevent impregnating or transmission of disease-producing viruses between sexual partners.

However some people do not like condoms because they reduce the feeling of movement/friction between the afore mentioned substances due to the absence of a direct contact between them. Vladimir Asinovsky, a student of Altshuller, was trying to eliminate this drawback. Unfortunately, he worked in the times when Standard 1.2.4 has not yet been developed. That is why he proposed just a non-elastic condom ( US Patent 5,803,085 )

Meanwhile, Standard 1.2.4 is the way to go. Indeed, it reads:

If interaction between two substances results in both useful (pleasant) and harmful (unwanted) phenomena, but it is desirable to preserve direct contact between the substances (unlike in Standard 1.2.1), then the problem is solved by transition to a double SuField complex where useful action is performed by field F1 and neutralizing of unwanted/harmful consequences is performed by field F2:

Looks very sexy to me. Here S2 is a male sexual organ, S1 is a female sexual organ and F1 is a field of mechanical motion. Neutralizing of unwanted consequences of this motion has to be achieved by applying field F2 to the female sexual organ rather than by employing a rubber separator (i.e. conventional condom).

This is the principle around which a high tech condom has to be built. The above formula should set the condom industry in the right direction. The only problem is which field to apply.

TRIZ's favorite is magnetic field, especially the rotating one. Adding ferromagnetic powder also would not hurt. This would guarantee preventing impregnation for sure. Just kidding. Seriously, it is not clear which field to apply. What is clear is that it has to satisfy the requirement: all the same minus drawbacks. Specifically,

One who finds a solution will prove power of TRIZ once and for all !