Confucius on TRIZ
(a new Chinese joke)

Recently various conspiracy theories got wide circulation. For example, 9/11 is increasingly portrayed as not the act of terrorism but as the result of the domestic conspiracy. Meanwhile, if there is a conspiracy, it is the conspiracy of silence about the effectiveness of TRIZ. Here is what "Forbes" magazine has recently wrote about it: TRIZ "is enjoying an unlikely renaissance. But if it's really giving big businesses an edge, they're keeping quiet about it."

But why just businesses ? Politicians are also tight lipped on the effectiveness of TRIZ. They could not have not noticed that all world problems are in fact physical contradictions:

  1. We have to attack Iran in order to not allow it to get nukes and we have to not attack Iran because it may cause unpredictable consequences;
  2. We have to withdraw troops from Iraq in order to stem the mounting casualties and we have to not withdraw from Iraq because they will pursue us here.
  3. We have to partition Iraq into Suni, Shia and Kurd regions in order to stem violence between them and we have to not partition Iraq in order to not undermine Turkey.
  4. We have to stem the influx of the illegal aliens from Mexico in order to improve our security and we have to not stem the influx of illegal aliens because who will collect crops otherwise ?
  5. We have to deport the veteran illegal aliens back to Mexico because they do not collect crops anymore but rather put stress on our welfare system, and we have to not do so because it is impossible to locate and deport 10-20 million people in a democratic state.
  6. Etc.
Were TRIZ really good at resolving physical contradictions, all world problems would have been solved long time ago. However, nobody came up with solutions even for the above list. May be they are being developed in the deep conspiracy - who knows ? - just in order, of course, to not let the secret about effectiveness of TRIZ out !

Ten years ago "Invention Machine" portrayed the fact that companies were tight lipped on the effectiveness of its software as a sign that the companies wanted to hide the advantage they gained due to the software from their competitors. Such an interpretation and exploitation of the client's silence turned out to be a good strategy for catching up new clients and ramping up the business.

Confucius said: "Conspiracy is a good product and a good business plan in America !"