Creating Contradictions by Their Evaporating

Y. B. Karasik,
Thoughts Guiding Systems Corp.,
Ottawa, Canada.

In his article "Evaporating Contradictions - Coupled Contradictions" Darrell Mann made a belated discovery:

In fact, this elementary observation is as old as the concept of contradictions itself. But Darrell Mann claims that "this idea is far from obvious." Well, I can only recommend him to better read TRIZ literature. Even a quick search on Google reveals, for example, a piece by Savransky presenting the same "not obvious" idea at least 10 years earlier.

But I want to further disappoint Darrell Mann. This "not obvious" idea is just half truth. The whole truth is that evaporating contradictions creates new contradictions which did not exist in system before.

Consider, for example, the UAV problem. Evaporating contradictions by switching engine off during overflights creates new contradictions. The engine has to be switched off far enough from the target of overflight. Given the low speed of UAV this implies that it has to glide for a considerable amount of time. This, in turn, requires larger wings, which, in turn, worsens many other characteristics of UAV. A new bunch of contradictions thereby emerge.

Until recently I thought that it is obvious that resolution of contradictions results in creating new contradictions. But after reading the Darrell Mann article I am not so sure. Just in case to prevent him from taking a credit for this idea by declaring it "not obvious", I publish it in "New Ideas in TRIZ" section.