Subject: What is next for touch screens
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2013 17:50:02 +0100
From: DERICK, Thierry []

What is next for touch screens
mechanical actions have to be replaced by electrical or optical ones

What about laser keyboards ? google or

your approach for eye fixing if fine too, I wonder what could be the trigger. (the click on keyboard)

regards, Thierry

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Hi Thierry,

it is not clear from the video whether finger has to touch something on the laser keyboard or not. If finger touches then the action is still mechanical but keyboard consists of table + image of a keyboard on it created by laser. But if finger does not touch anything but creates a shadow on the area of a button (or something like that), then this is indeed a partial replacement of mechanical action by optical.

Eye fixing would be nicer, of course. Can you do it ?

If you don't mind I would like to post your response to the article. May I have your permission ?

Thank you and best regards,


Subject: RE: What is next for touch screens
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2013 11:21:23 +0100
From: DERICK, Thierry []

Hi Yevgeny

Yes I give you permission to post. But i never had the chance to test such keyboard; so i think it would be better to complete your (+my +our) knowledge with somebody experienced in this device.

To my understanding, the laser is projecting a keyboard (or indeed, in the idea, projecting separated images in clearly identified zones, that could be keyboards letter, icons or whatever) onto any surface. Then the actor touches (or stops) fingers on the surface. To me this contact is not really needed by the laser, but easier for the actor. I still wonder what makes the trigger (the laser detects the move is finished on that area) Maybe it is something very close to “sliding keyboards on smartphones as swype” , like analysing the time spent on the area, or the area where there is a movment change ? This is why i can imagine it replaced already the mechanical by optical, but still finger oriented.

And sorry no i am not involved in the people creating such technologies, and I cannot do anything for eye fixing triggers. I imagine the combination of ‘camera’ face recognition, and ‘red eyes correction’ and swype technology and probably head up display studies could help improvements in this domain, to help both ‘eye position detection’ (define where: which area is watched) and trigger (define when to capture)

(maybe military have advanced high price technologies already?)

Regards, Thierry