Duality Cycle: Part 3

According to the ancient Chinese philosophy, everything has to contain a piece of the opposite inside self. If a thing does not contain it then it is imperfect. Speaking in the terms of evolution, this means that everything evolves towards adding a piece of the opposite to itself. That was probably the first law of evolution (in the TRIZ sense) that was ever discovered.

Following this law, we have to add a piece of TRIZ-journal to Anti TRIZ-journal. That is why beginning now, we stop rejecting the TRIZ-journal like articles submitted to us and start publishing some of them. To this end we introduce a new section titled "A PIECE OF TRIZ-JOURNAL IN ANTI TRIZ-JOURNAL" for all such submissions.

The section opens with the article by Profs. Sreebalajee and Saravanan where they pitch TRIZ to the managers of the Indian car industry. The authors try to sell TRIZ to them by making the following claims:

  1. Inverting the position of engine in small cars (from front to rear) increases their safety;
  2. People that developed such cars came to the idea of the rear mounted engine by trials and erros;
  3. But invertion stands first in the modification of contradiction matrix proposed by Liu and Chen [1];
  4. Hence, designers could have saved time and money had they used TRIZ instead of the trials and errors tinkering.

In this regard the Editor would like to notice the following:

  1. Liu and Chen based their method on false assumptions [2];
  2. There is no indication that cars with the rear-mounted engines were invented by trials and errors. The TRIZ myth that all past inventions were accomplished by trials and errors does not stand the trial of scrutiny itself.
  3. The rear mounted engine cars are not safer than the front mounted. Their unsafety was prominently featured by Ralph Nader in his famous book "Unsafe at any speed".