Duality cycle: part 4

This issue continues the cycle of publications devoted to investigation of the role of duality in problem solving and thinking on the whole.

"Thinking is a train of dual transitions" is the conclusion of the first article. The idea (going back to the 1970s) was first presented in detail in the manuscript of my book "This dual, dual, dual world" written in the mid-1980s.

The book was submitted for publication to the Moscow "Science" publishing house in 1988 which sent it for review to Prof. Maxim Frank-Kamenetskii and Prof. D. A. Pospelov. I never seen what a response of Frank-Kamenetskii was although in a phone conversation he spoke of it positively, but Prof. Pospelov sent a copy of his review directly to me. His review is published in this issue too.

The book was never accpeted and slated for publication (at least I heard nothing from the publisher until my departure from USSR in March of 1990). Frank-Kamenetskii moved to Boston and started working at Boston University and did not respond to my e-mails when I tried to contact him in 1994/95.

In the coming issues I am planning to publish articles outlining other ideas of the book.