Anti TRIZ-journal is the only TRIZ research journal !

Learning to read properly and understand what is written is a prerequisite for being a successful problem solver. Unfortunately, many people interested in TRIZ do not have these skills. It appears that they are attracted to TRIZ for the same reason as Scarecrow went to the Emerald City.

Consider, for example, a person named Jason, from the discussion in "Business Week". He managed to read "Anti TRIZ-journal" as "Anti-TRIZ journal". "Why would any rational human being believe, as I do, that the Anti TRIZ is "anti-triz". DUH! ", - he explained.

For all such Jasons I would like to point out that there is more TRIZ in Anti TRIZ-journal than in the so-called TRIZ-journal. Here is a short list of research papers which presented some new fundamental TRIZ concepts:

  1. Formalization of the Notion of Evolution of Technical Systems
  2. On Various Types of Evolutionary Series of Technical Systems
  3. Where and how can Root Cause Analysis enhance and correct TRIZ procedures ?
  4. On separation in a parameter
  5. Solitons of business activity
  6. On Contradiction Matrix of Non-Altshullerian Type
  7. On Resolusion of Physical Contradictions by Uniting Rather Than Separating
  8. Technical Contradictions Between Physical Contradictions
  9. Resolving Technical Contradictions Between Parameters By ... Trading Them Off !
  10. Contradictory Parameters Which Cannot Be Traded Off
  11. A Universal Scientific Method of Resolution of Any Technical Contradiction
  12. The Law of Transitioning to a Cosmological Level
  13. The Future of Physics and TRIZ
  14. On Evolution of Implementation of a Function
  15. Evolution of Design Priorities
  16. A Counter-Example to the Claim that Performance of Machines Evolves Along S-curve
  17. Do systems really evolve along S-curve ?
  18. How microchip killed SuField Analysis but neither Altshuller nor TRIZ Masters ever noticed that
  19. Etc.

Besides, there are many articles clarifying the obscure TRIZ notions:

  1. What Is a Mono-system, a Bi-system, and a Poly-system ?
  2. What Is a Mono-system, a Bi-System, and a Poly-system ?(Part 2)
  3. Does Any Technical System Always Have a Supersystem ?
  4. What is System in TRIZ ?
  5. Etc.

And, of course, there are articles revealing the erroneousness of some TRIZ concepts:

  1. Are there patterns of evolution ?
  2. The Mistaken Macro-Micro Evolution
  3. Another Example of Counter-TRIZ Evolution in Nature
  4. Etc.

But rejection and correction of outdated concepts is a normal process for any science.

For those, who still doubts that Anti TRIZ-journal is the real TRIZ-research-journal, here is a hint: "What's in a name ? ..."