Newspapers as a good source of important inter-disciplinary inventor's problems

To find an important and novel inventor's problem is much more difficult than to solve it. Often solution to such a problem can be easily found by analogic reasoning without resorting to TRIZ. A good degree of imagination and associative skills are, of course, required.

Novel problems are usually inter-disciplinary in nature and cannot be found by specialists in their workplace. In my experience newspapers are a good source of such problems.

Last year reading The Wall Street Journal suggested me the idea of embedding a tiny air pump into a tire stem. Since then the article on the subject, "Self-inflating tire system with air pumps embedded into tire stems", has been frequently visisted by readers from automotive companies around the globe.

Last month reading The Jerusalem Post suggested me an idea of installing anti-theft alarms in military vehicles. (Read the article on the subject in this issue). I hope that it will become as popular with militaries around the world as the previous one with automotive engineers.